TensegriTeach PELVIS

TensegriTeach PELVIS

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TensegriTeach PELVIS/Tensegrity Cymbal - 12 chopsticks – exclusively available here! 

This new model illustrates in a vivid and haptic way the tense-ridge connections between pelvic blades, sacrum, spine and legs. Beautifully built model made of black rubber bands, wooden rods and plastic caps. An ideal eye-catcher and demonstration model for your practice and teaching. In addition, it is also suitable for displaying the three-dimensional movements in the pelvis and hip joints during human gait.

Height approx. 30 cm. Delivery is disassembled and packed in a cardboard tube. Can be folded and rebuilt for transport purposes. Tensegrity basin model with 12 chopsticks is easy to assemble and lasts for years in handling and demonstration.


Assembly instructions: here

Aufbauvideo:  here