Textbook fascia - basics, treatment, research

Textbook fascia - basics, treatment, research

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Fascia - everything about the important tissue layers
Find out about a whole new area of research and therapy: fascia forms an interconnected network of tension that runs through the entire human body and through which every single organ, muscle, even nerve and muscle fiber is wrapped and bound.
Previously underappreciated, the "connective tissue" - the fascia - has become the subject of a rapidly growing field of research because of the recognition of the important role it plays in health and disease.
Whether you are a practitioner who wants to use the manipulation of this body-wide tissue therapeutically or a scientist, this book provides you with all the relevant information systematically summarized.
With the nearly eighty authors of the individual technical contributions, the editors have been able to attract the leading experts in the various subfields. They are composed of practitioners of manual therapies and scientists who also participated in the first three international fascia congresses. In their text contributions, they rise to the challenge of advancing the basic knowledge of fascia along with clinical treatment options.


From the contents:
Anatomy and physiology of the fascia
The fascia as an organ of communication
Fascial force transmission
Diseases and forms of therapy
The latest scientific research methods
The scope, topicality and quality of the content, as well as the choice of book authors, justify the assessment of this work as 'the' current standard work on the function of fascia and 


432 pages.