Fascia Strength Training

Fascia Strength Training

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Anyone who does strength training wants to strengthen their muscles, build up volume, perhaps combat pain or simply look more attractive and get a better figure. Germany's best-known fascia researcher Robert Schleip and ex-professional soccer player and exercise therapist Berengar Buschmann show that fascia plays an essential role in all of these goals during equipment training. The new, fascia-conscious strength and equipment training not only makes muscle building more efficient. It also prevents injuries, gives movements elasticity, improves coordination and provides defined, firm contours.

Schleip and Buschmann are pioneers in this field. Because an exercise system with a focus on the fascia has not yet existed for strength training on equipment. The authors have compiled their practical experience and developed a strength training program that can be used in the gym to achieve not only muscle power, but also elegance, suppleness and balance. The book offers tests on one's own connective tissue type, illustrated exercises on standard equipment with variations for different needs, tips on dealing with weak points, and an easy-to-understand introduction to the basics of fascia strength training.

304 pages, paperback. 
Published 2016 
Weight: 810g 
ISBN: 978-3-8688-3847-3