Fascia Fitness – Vital, elastic, dynamic in everyday life and sports

Fascia Fitness – Vital, elastic, dynamic in everyday life and sports

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expanded and revised edition

If you want to stay mobile, vital and pain-free in everyday life and sports, you should do something for your connective tissue! This insight is now recognized in physiotherapy, sports science and medicine. A great deal has been achieved in this area in recent years. The muscular connective tissue plays a major role in well-being, mobility, performance and health: The so-called fasciae transmit the force of the muscles, communicate with the nervous system, serve as a sensory organ, provide protection and material exchange of the internal organs and form the basis for a beautiful body shape.

The connective tissue can also do what was previously only thought to be possible for muscles: it reacts to stress and stimuli and if fasciae become matted or stick together, pain and movement problems can be the result. The fasciae should therefore be trained specifically - 10 minutes twice a week is enough!

In this completely revised bestseller, fascia researcher and Rolfing therapist Robert Schleip shows how to implement a practical exercise program for everyday life. He reports on the latest scientific findings from research and clarifies which methods and devices are most effective for fascia treatment and which tend to do harm instead of good. These findings are already playing an important role in the field of physical therapy and will continue to influence future treatment techniques.

288 pages
November 5, 2018
Language: German